Product Review
Last year I got a coupon from L’Occitane En Provence to get a free 30ml tube of shea butter dry skin hand cream.

How it Works
The hand cream is rich in shea butter so it helps to nourish and soften dry hands. I primarily only use it in the winter time, a little dab goes a long way with this cream!

My Results
The first time I used this hand cream I was sold on the product. It isn’t like cheap hand creams that leave your hands feeling gross afterwards. It gets absorbed into your skin easily and softens and nourishes your hands immediately. It is the perfect winter relief!

I ordered some stuff from L’Occitane En Provence online on cyber Monday (which saved oodles of money, and I got a coupon for another free tube of hand cream when I spend $25). Their website is really easy to use, and they have great deals! I bought little 10ml “sample sized/travel sized” bottles, which are super cute, and make the perfect little travel packs to give to friends for gifts. I also opted in for the adorable gift box, which was easy peasy to set up, but a wee bit over sized for the items I purchased, but  There was no delivery fees, and it was delivered really quickly! (No photos will be posted as I’m giving things as gifts.)

Overall Review
Definitely recommend this to anyone who is hunting for the perfect hand cream to help your dry hands during the winter. (Or to anyone who works with their hands all day and their hands are left dry and cracked).

I give this product an 9/10

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