John Frieda Go Blonder in Shower Lightening Treatment Review

Product Review – I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes from Influenster’s VoxBox program.

How it Works – Make sure your hair is wet, pop the cap off, crack the top off the bottle, squeeze product into your palm (I used the same amount I use for shampoo x2) an rub it into your hair. Let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse, shampoo, and condition. 
My Results – I love John Frieda Blonde products, I have been using them for years. I had no doubts that this would leave my hair looking stunning. I used the product as instructed, dried my hair off and was so happy with the results, my hair was blonder, and very soft. There was a chemical-esque smell, but that went away in 15 minutes, my hair doesn’t appear damaged or dry, it feels so soft and healthy!! 
Overall Review – I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for lighter blonde hair without the shock of harsh bleaches or dyes. This product will help to gradually lighten your hair. 
I give this product an 9/10
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Excited to test out this new John Frieda product from Vox Box!!


Old Navy Discounts

Check out Old Navy and sign up for a birthday promotion and sign up for news letters! Not only will you get an email for a promo on your birthday but you also get a 30% off code!!

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Bath and Body Works Coupons

If you liked my last product review about the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers, you NEED to sign up for email coupons from Bath and Body Works. There are new promotions daily and great coupons weekly!

Sign up for coupons and promotion emails through the B&BW Facebook page and like them as well to stay on top of all the amazing deals!!

Just be sure you like Bath and Body Works Canada, you don’t want to be disappointed by having the wrong coupon with you at checkout!

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Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 11.42.38 AM.pngpsssst…. here is the current coupon so you don’t miss out on this one! 😉

Bath and Body Works Wallflower Review

Product Review
I picked up 10 different scents of Wallflower bulbs from the $3.50 promo at Bath and Body Works a few weeks ago with a lovely decorative holder.

How it Works
Twist the cap off the bulb, twist it in with the stick facing up (bulb side down). Plug it into the wall and ensure that the wallflower is not upside down or sideways as it WILL leak and make a big mess that you will have to clean up with kitty litter (see photo at the end for proper positioning). They last for 5-6 weeks and leave your home smelling amazing!

My Results
The scents for these are amazing! I love the different options that they have. I bought a variety of scents (excluding food scents, because those will make me want to snack all the time!) I currently have Be Joyful and Thousand Wishes plugged in at my apartment.

You get used to the scent pretty quickly in my opinion. It’s not that the scent “dies” you just get used to it. I like to switch the scents around from room to room so I don’t get to used to it in the livingroom or bedroom.

They last about 5-6 weeks and stay just as strong as day 1! Tip: If you want to make the scents last longer, just unplug them from the wall and replace the twist cap while you are out of the house!

Overall Review
Definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a way to make their home smell great! The scent selection is better than other brands, and there are testers in the store to try out the different scents!

I give this product an 9/10

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– Snapshot of the Wallflower and how it is supposed to sit when plugged in.

Free World’s Best Cat Litter (mail in rebate)

Amy's Finds

Get a large bag of kitty litter… for FREE! When you purchase the bag be sure to keep the original receipt, you will need it for the rebate form as well as the barcode from the bag. This rebate needs to be received before February 15th 2014, so go pick up a bag today and fill out the form!

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Free New Parents Kit from Johnson and Johnson (Coupon via Mail)

Amy's Finds

Johnson and Johnson have a freebie kit for new parents*. You simply fill out the “contact us” form and enter “New Parents Pack” in the “Questions or Comments” field and they will send you a coupon to pick up the New Parents pack in store.

*you don’t have to be a parent, there are uses for these products even if you don’t have a child. Baby powder is great for protecting your shirt from excessive armpit sweat, baby oil is great for moisturizing… etc.

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